Knock Twice

Bryan Hayes is a planner and media producer who lives in Washington, D.C.


  • Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments: Transportation planner with the public participation team, using writing and media production to communicate agency activities and promote public involvement in regional planning efforts. 2013-Present

  • Storytelling in Mid City East: Volunteer with the District of Columbia Office of Planning's Mid City East Small Area Plan process. Initiated a community building project that used storytelling to involve residents in the planning process through storytelling. 2013

  • Community Planning Workshop: Project manager leading teams of graduate students to provide planning consultation for cities, nonprofits, and Indian tribes in Oregon. 2011-2012

  • Low-Power FM Radio Resistance and Community:Researched and wrote a study that explores how one LPFM radio station, Radio Movimiento in Woodburn, Oregon, creates community and delivers locally relevant content to its audience, while utilizing network-making power to create locally sensitive pockets of resistance to national media narratives. 2012


  • Mbira: The mbira dzavadzimu is a musical instrument native to the Shona peoples of Zimbabwe. It consists of 24 metal keys afixed to soundboard and played by plucking with fingers. 2012 - Present

  • Knock Twice Radio: A semi-regular Internet radio program featuring a rotation of hosts playing a variety of content. 2007-2009

  • One Album in 120 Seconds: A response to overly stylized music reviews that spend more time connecting the dots than discussing the music itself, this audio project condensed albums into two minutes that feature track-by-track 'quotes'. 2008

  • Overnight Experimental Show: A freeform late-night radio show that aired from 3 to 6am on Friday mornings on Boston's WERS 88.9 FM. The program featured sound collage and performances. 2002-2004



  • Bills and Brews: A web video series that explores the intersection of craft brewing and politics.

  • Celebrating Sagan: A tribute to Carl Sagan featuring fan memories and essays, artwork, music, and more inspired by the scientist and communicator.

  • Speculative Cities: A website that explores how cities are depicted in science fiction.