One Album in
120 Seconds

As a music fan, I find myself reading about music a lot. Often I find myself frustrated with the music writing that I read that relies too much on history, or brings too much of writer into the piece. Rarely is an album review just about the music. I created One Album in 120 Seconds in 2007 as a response to the overly stylized msuic reviews that were so popular back then that spent more time connecting the dots than discussing the music itself.

By condensing an album into two minutes and presenting track-by-track ‘quotes’, my goal was to provide an easily digested and accurate synapses of a work that both excites people who are familiar with the record and also entices those who are new to the work.

Obviously, these audio reviews are not objective, for in the act of editing the creator displays their own personal biases and tastes. For that reason, and in the spirit of collaboration, I encouraged any and all to create their own two minute record reviews and submit them. No one took my up on the offer.